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At NutriFit®, we strive to help reduce our carbon footprint in every possible way. We incorporate the tenants of reuse, renew and recycle into our daily practices, and seek out the most environmentally-friendly products.

We grow an increasing amount of our own produce on our own farm, using organic and sustainable methods. To supplement our home-grown produce, we also purchase as much organic produce as possible from local farmers to minimize the environmental impacts of long-range food transportation. We also use local vendors for our animal proteins, incorporating only those proteins that are raised without antibiotics or hormones, emphasizing wild-caught, organic and free range when available.

We employ sustainable practices and methods, on our own organic company farm, under our own label, SimpliHealthTM Growers. Our farm has been recognized by the National Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

We have received several awards for our stewardship and contributions to agencies and entities, including two Resolutions of Commendation from the State of California. In 2012, we were honored with a Certificate of Commendation from the City of Los Angeles as Los Angeles' leading health food company.