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Portraits of Success

Noelle E. Reid, M.D.Noelle E. Reid, M.D.
For a mother, physician, and business owner, NutriFit has been a blessing. It can be quite difficult to have the time to prepare healthy meals consistently for myself and my family, and NutriFit has allowed me to do just that, with no preparation! I was slightly hesitant to order prepared meals, given past experiences, finding precooked meals to be bland and lacking quality. However, NutriFit certainly was not that. Every meal was well prepared, with high quality food products, very fresh and well seasoned. Most people would assume that "healthy food" should taste bland and leave the taste buds asking for more...including my 4 year daughter. But, to my surprise she loved the meals, even the "green stuff". I was elated to see her eating her veggies and liking them! At Trinity Health and Wellness Medical Group, we focus on treating the individual as whole - mind, body, and spirit. All aspects of the individual require equal attention to obtain optimal health. Our approach includes taking a full view of each patient, including addressing nutritional status, and how that affects acute and chronic medical conditions. We also believe in the importance of exercise and how it benefits optimal health and overall sense of well-being. We even offer private Pilates and Yoga within the practice. Our patients can access all of the resources they need to address and improve their health and well-being, including NutriFit, which I've found to be a great partner in my quest for educating my patients and inspiring them to live healthier lives.

- Noelle E. Reid, M.D., Trinity Health and Wellness Medical Group

Kearstin NucklesKearstin Nuckles
As a single mom with 2 young boys, and a super busy high fashion Demin designer, I don't have the time I'd like to take care of important health matters for myself or my family. Additionally, I'm a tri-athlete and train daily. With Jackie Keller and NutriFit I started receiving personal meals after my second pregnancy. Rogan is now eating and loving broccoli and whole-wheat pasta, and we order NutriFit Family Fare 3 times/week. The food is fabulous, the prices are great and feeding my family is quick and easy, as the delivery arrives fresh at my dear. I even order school lunches snacks, and yummy breakfast muffins. Jackie is my nutrition guru- I can always call her for advice.

- Kearstin Nuckles

Michael LevineMichael Levine
"As the author of nineteen books on business excellence and having worked at the highest levels of the entertainment industry, I believe I am qualified to comment on excellence in action. I have become a delighted NutriFit customer, and I recognize you to be the leader in the field of home delivery. In a mediocre world, your products are extraordinary and your service is outstanding. I am happy to recommend NutriFit to anyone who seek the best in healthy, convenient, and delicious delivered food." Michael Levine is the founder of LCO, one of the country's most prominent entertainment PR firms, and creator of the Levine Breaking News E-Lert. Levine is an industry expert who is frequently called upon by national media to provide PR insight into topical news and events.

- Michael Levine, Levine Communications Office, Inc.

David Trader, M.D.David Trader, M.D.
I first met Jackie years ago in caring for her mother. As it turned out, in my practice, which deals a lot with older people, it's frustrating dealing with chronic illness. I decided to turn my practice into more of a wellness practice. I started talking to people about eating healthy and getting the proper exercise and so forth and decided to practice what I preach. I decided to pay more attention to my health. I had found out about NutriFit, so I decided to give it a try. Since I've been receiving NutriFit meals, I when I go out to eat, and I still do go out to eat, I now pay attention to the portions of food on my plate. I pay attention to what I'm ordering. It's made me have a great awareness of my own body. NutriFit made big difference in my life. When I hear all the commercials about other products or whether I read articles about proper foods, I'm pleased because I know that I'm getting the proper food from NutriFit. I don't have to worry whether I am getting the proper nutrition, I know it's here.

- David Trader, M.D.

Nancy HuangNancy Huang
I first discovered NutriFit in 2005, and began meal service for convenience and ease of eating properly. I'm a busy high tech recruiter and mom, and needed food tailored to my needs and lifestyle. I've used NutriFit on and off for years - mostly on, but come and go as my needs dictate. I'd like to say "thank you, NutriFit, for being so flexible. The deliveries have been such a lifesaver the past few years. Thank you for everything - it's been perfect! I'm experimenting with what is going to work and what is not and this is a good place to start. Thank you so much for accommodating

- Nancy Huang

Rob AustinRob Austin
I wanted to thank you for all of your delicious recipes, nutritional advice and your overall support/coaching in my quest to get healthier. As an athletic person, I've always been the type who has lived a healthy lifestyle by eating right and working out. About a year ago, I hit the proverbial "wall." I needed some new ideas of how to spice up my diet and make food more interesting. I was also looking for a more systematic way of approaching my diet and learning more about caloric expenditure and what I was putting in my body. You helped me accomplish all of the above! By following your tasty recipes and learning from you about the different food sources (protein, carbs, fats) and how they impact one's body, I have been able to pack on 10 lbs of muscle while simultaneously reducing my body fat and achieving a more athletic physique. My energy levels are up, my focus has improved and my performance in the gym is better than ever. Even my business suits fit better. Thanks for all that you do - you truly are an ambassador for health and vitality.

- Rob Austin

Torre FitzTorre Fitz
As a fitness professional I understand that the proper nutrition is one of the most important factors in any healthy weight effort. However it continually proves to be one of the most challenging factors for most. A lot of time and effort has to be put into the planning and preparation of properly portioned and balanced meals, time that most just do not have. That is why I not only recommend NutriFit to all my clients and friends, but I also eat NutriFit meals daily. Whether I am trying to get lean or build muscle the food is personally customized, delicious, and best of all it is delivered to my door. There was once a time where my daily menu was not much more than brown rice, grilled chicken, and some sort of green veggie. Not any more. With 13 years of training/coaching experience I help individuals clarify direction, strategize actions, upgrade skills, optimize their environment, and master their psychology in order to successfully achieve their fitness goals. I specialize in metabolic conditioning and would love the opportunity to help you achieve your fitness goals. Log on to WWW.FITNESSFUSIONLA.COM to register for a free trial.

- Torre Fitz, B.S. Exercise Physiology, CSCS, Master Body Architect

Jerry SweetJerry Sweet
When you devote your whole life to a business, you often neglect many other things. For me, that was nutrition. The big joke was that I didn't know what food was unless it was on a menu. I would be with clients all day and would always go out to eat. When someone would ask me what I wanted to eat, I would say "can I see a menu?" I hate going to grocery stores. They stress me out. Before NutriFit I would go to Bristol Farms and spend $30-$40 on a dinner that was neither healthy nor ample. Due to my poor eating habits, my health was declining. My doctor told me about NutriFit. In this economy people are watching every dime that they spend and giving up on "luxuries" Food is not a luxury, it's a necessity and something I don't think I could live without. I would rather exclude other things in my life, but not NutriFit. I wouldn't know what to do if one day I woke up and didn't have a green bag outside my door.

- Jerry Sweet

Becca W.
I made several failed efforts over the years to lose weight, but it was only after finding NutriFit and Jackie Keller that I was able to be successful. Over the past 15 months I have lost close to 100 pounds while eating plenty of healthy and delicious food that so conveniently gets dropped right on my doorstep. And Jackie has been amazing to inspire me both to embrace new levels of exercise and to deal with some of the issues that led to my weight gain in the first place. What was most important to me in dieting was to avoid starvation diets, diet pills, surgeries, and anything else that wasn't a "healthy" way to lose weight. With NutriFit, I am losing weight at a healthy calorie level (around 2,000 calories a day) that I can maintain for the rest of my life. The fresh and nutritious food is so delicious, and more importantly, is so varied. I had tried other food delivery services in the past, and after a few months I couldn'tstand the repetition in the menus. Jackie pulls from thousands of recipes and there is no risk of getting sick of any one food item, and each time I receive a new green foodbag at my door I am still excited to see what treats are awaiting me. Another very important aspect of NutriFit for me is the flexibility; sometimes my work requires quite a bit of travel, and it is so easy to arrange blackout dates or skipped meals so that I am not wasting food (and money). I used to complain that if only I was super-rich, I knew I could lose weight because I would have a personal chef preparing all my meals and keeping me in the right calorie ranges. Well, without having to spend much more than I was spending on eating out all the time, I now have that personal chef - Jackie Keller. And I was right that with such a person on my side, I can finally lose the weight that has been holding.

- Becca W.

Dulcinea Lee HellingsDulcinea Lee Hellings
I've been using NutriFit home meal delivery for about 2 years now and I love it! I connected with Jackie through our health industry ties, I was offered a sample week of the service and I never looked back. The meals are delicious, nutritious, creative, and most important for me they are easy. In my job I am a role model, I am busy, and I workout at least 3 times a day, 5 days a week. I am the creator of Boot Camp "Morning Crunch" outdoor fitness with 12 locations in LA/Valley/Beach areas. I have 11 trainers that lead locations for me, but I still teach classes at my Hollywood location and workout with my classes constantly, daily, relentlessly. In addition to the physical aspects of my job, the CEO part keeps me at the computer at least 8hrs a day and I hardly have time to breathe, let alone cook a healthy meal for myself. NutriFit allows me the convenience of no dishes or meal prep time with the assurance that I am getting a healthy, well portioned, fresh, balanced meal that stays true to the image I represent. The meals are always changing and I never get bored with my feasts. There are plenty of snacks, fruits, vegetables, and fillers to keep me satisfied all day. I don't have to go to the grocery store, I don't have to do dishes, I don't have to cook, and it is amazing guiltless freedom for me. I love the Breakfast Pizza, the Chicken Parmesan, the Apricot Spread, the Chocolate Chip Spice Cake, the 7 Layer Tortilla Pie, the Cheese Log, the Spinach Bites, the Bureka, the Glazed Turkey's all delicious, fresh, catered to my needs, and good for me! Thank you Jackie for introducing me to your service, it really did change my body and change my life. You are an amazing inspiration and a pleasure to preach about :-)

- Dulcinea Lee Hellings, Bootcamp Morning Crunch

Deirdrea MartinezDeirdrea Martinez
As a fitness professional, it is important for me to eat healthy. Not only to help me stay in great shape, but to also provide me with enough energy to sustain all my daily workouts. Having NutriFit meals delivered to me is one of my best investments. I know how to eat well, but lack the time to prepare all my meals. When I did have time to prepare my own food, I often got bored of eating the same thing all the time. My lifestyle is also so physical and requires a substantial amount of calories. When I was unprepared with my meals, I found myself so hungry that I would eat anything in front of me. Although I worked out 4 hours a day teaching fitness, my weight plateaued because my diet was poor. NutriFit meals have helped me break free of my plateau and I've lost 5 pounds this month! I also love the variety and my ultimate favorite meal is the Mexican Lasagna. It never feels like I'm dieting or depriving myself. As a Health Educator with a Masters Degree in Public Health, I know that diets don't work. What is great about NutriFit is that it teaches you how to eat which is a life long investment in your health. I recommend NutriFit meals to all my clients interested in losing weight. I know from experience that NutriFit meals provide results.

- Deirdrea Martinez, MPH, CPT

Dian ThomasDian Thomas
Jackie Keller kindled the spark that helped me realize I could lose weight. Her wisdom and support-and the accountability she required of me-led me to a healthier lifestyle. Jackie helped me come to an understanding of the role of food in my life and also the importance of exercise. She is a master coach and was key in supporting and assisting me to design a new lifestyle that would help me to lose over 115 pounds and most important keep it off. This led me to riding my bike 480 miles across Iowa in seven days and opened the door for me to become an International tour guide. She guided my path to a life I love. Thank you, Jackie, for reaching out to me so that I could create a new life, unloading the burden of weight that has held me down for over fifteen years. With your wonderful assistance, support, and insights, I won the losing game

- Dian Thomas, Professional Speaker, Author, TV Personality