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Sports Nutrition Plan

Sports Nutrition Plan

Cyclists, Swimmers, Runners, and Strength Trainers

Building a winning, sports nutrition meal program is easy with NutriFit®. We offer tailored plans that are designed to address the needs of recreational and professional athletes of all ages. Whether your goal is endurance, speed, strength or all three, NutriFit® can customize your meals to help you achieve your goals.

The main pillars of our Sports Specific plans for fitness and performance are variety (incorporating proteins and other wholesome foods), nutrient density, and frequency. Eating well is easy with NutriFit® on your team. We take optimum sports nutrition seriously, so you can focus on your training.

Our meal plans are based on individual energy needs, body composition and weight goals, and supplemental health issues. Pre and post exercise meals, as well as fueling during exercise are all included (as needed), and our sports nutrition plans allow athletic-minded individuals to stay in top shape for the long run.

Tri-athlete Plans: Running, Cycling, Swimming

Sports Diet Meal

Jon Jon Park, one of the top tier trainers in Los Angeles, is the owner of Legacy Gym. A former Olympic swimmer, champion body builder and dedicated fitness professional. Jon Jon is the son of legendary body builder Reg Park, a three time Mr. Universe and mentor to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"I have been eating NutriFit® meals for over twelve years, and in addition to being healthy and nutritious, they really help get me through the day. As a former Olympic athlete myself, my hectic daily schedule. leaves no time for preparing meals or going out to a restaurant, Having NutriFit's Sports Specific Strength Meal Plan offers a lot of variety and just what I need - specifically catered to my likes and needs.

I have referred a lot of my clients to NutriFit® and they are all extremely happy with the service. I have also had the opportunity and pleasure to visit their kitchen, which is immaculately clean, as good as any Michelin star restaurant.

Jackie Keller and her entire staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional."

Tri-athlete Meal Plan Pre-Competition Training - Sample Menu
Breakfast (3-4 hour before training)
Autumn Oatmeal, Banana Raisin French Toast, Apple-Honey-Oatmeal Muffin, Orange Juice, Apple

Morning Snack
During Ride: NutriFit® Orchard Fruit High & Mighty Bar
After Ride: Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Avocado, Spinach & Tomato Salad, Eggplant Lasagna, Berry Bowl w/ Yogurt, Kiwi (2x) & Pecans, Cranberry-Cider Sparkling Punch

Afternoon Snack
Before/During Training: 2 Servings of Lavosh Wrap and Veggies
After Training: Bagel and String Cheese

Mexican Turkey Lasagna, Avocado Soup, Indonesian Rice Salad

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad


Strength and Might Plan:


Strength and Might Meal Plan - Sample Menu
Italian Breakfast Wrap, Sunrise Hot Breakfast Cereal, Hearty Breakfast Muffins, Orange Juice

Morning Snack
Berry Bowl w/ Yogurt, Wild Rice Pilaf w/ Walnuts and Dried Fruit, Turkey Jerky

Tostaco Salad, Lentils & Rice Southwestern Style, Green Tea

Afternoon Snack
Before Weight-Training: Fresh Fruit Salad w/Nuts
After Weight-Training: Chocolate Power Smoothie, Green Chili with White Beans

Savory Salmon and Vegetable Sauté, Brown Rice and Mango Salad

Double Chocolate Fudge Cake

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