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Biometric Testing

At NutriFit®, our focus is on your overall health. To further help you, we have the following non-invasive testing services available in our West Los Angeles office. These simple procedures provide invaluable information about your health. You may schedule an appointment for the following services by calling toll free at 800.341.4190 or 310.473.1989.

Body Composition Analysis

Knowing your body composition is a great aid in setting health goals and determining appropriate strategies to achieve them. NutriFit® uses a body composition analyzer machine, which is an extremely reliable, simple and convenient method to determine the most critical elements of body composition such as weight, body fat percentage, body mass index, fat mass, fat-free mass and hydration levels. Price is included with Metabolic testing.

Metabolic Testing

NutriFit® uses the Meta Check, a metabolic testing device to determine your body's resting energy expenditure. This simple breathing test gives us the information needed to calculate your target calorie zones, and identifies your caloric intake needs. The machine is able to estimate calorie requirements by calculating oxygen inhaled and comparing it to the concentration of oxygen exhaled. Since the rate at which oxygen is used is directly proportional to the rate of caloric expenditure, we can determine the amount of calories being used by your body. It provides the ultimate personal metabolic profile. Prices range from $89 to $165, and include a 20-minute nutrition coaching session.

Biometric Testing Metabolic Testing