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We know how difficult it can be to stick to your goals, and we're here to provide you with your own personal guide. Virtual coaching is personalized, convenient and interactive.

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Have You Heard Yourself Say?

Wellness coaching is founded on positive psychology, a new and fast-growing field dedicated to the enhancement of well being; generating more meaning, satisfaction and positive emotion in life. Coaching involves weekly sessions coupled with other electronic communication. Progress is measured by client-initiated behavioral goals that are geared to at least one wellness area (weight, nutrition, fitness, stress, health and other life issues).

"Jackie brings many years of experience to her coaching, is very solution-oriented, never judgmental and is always supportive. Knowing that Jackie is there and that she CARES has helped with my motivation. She helps in a way that makes me feel empowered to actually follow the advice."
J. Horlick, CEO, djla Advertising
What benefits can you expect from coaching?

As a Board Certified, Professional Health & Wellness Coach, Jackie Keller, is trained to:

The Coaching Process

Coaching is generally done through regular sessions (can be weekly, semi monthly or monthly), coupled with other electronic communication. We can meet via telephone, email or in person. Progress is made and measured against your goals that are targeted towards at least one wellness area (weight, nutrition, fitness, stress, health and/or wellness-related life issues). Along the path of change, you will create solutions to overcome obstacles. This helps you build confidence and energizes you to maintain new behavior patterns.


I am a huge fan of Jackie Keller and her weight loss plan. I have been fighting the battle of the bulge for more years than I care to admit and until I met Jackie and started following her plan, it was a battle I was losing. Jackie shared her phenomenal exercise and eating program with me and over the past year and a half, with her encouragement, I've lost an amazing 85 pounds! And I did it all without surgery. You may think that you know how to lose weight but Jackie has the fine-tuning that really makes it work. I even have a food background, but I owe my success to what I've learned from Jackie. Jackie, thank you so much! You are the best! Dian Thomas, Author of the New York Times best-seller, Roughing It Easy, former Today Show regular

Before wellness coaching, I didn't realize the times of day when I was the hungriest, or why I made the food choices that I was making. Now I think before I eat and try to ask myself if I need to eat that candy bar or pizza, etc. I try to make better food choices. I've become "addicted" to running as a result of the wellness coaching, I even ran my first 5k and have signed up for another. I didn't realize that the coaching would cover areas other than food & eating but we really covered other aspects of family life and work and other parts of my life, all of which are relevant to eating and staying fit. Danielle M.

Knowing that Jackie is there and that she cares has helped with my motivation. I expected only diet and exercise topics but we discuss other issues in my life which are, no doubt, getting in the way of my wellness. Before wellness coaching I kept myself conveniently busy, ignoring my worsening eating and drinking habits. Since then, I have had the help to "put the problem on the table" and start to deal with it. Jackie Horlick, CEO djla Advertising

Jackie's detailed attention and knowing approach have been invaluable to my weightloss needs. With her genuine and personal touch she's like a friend in my corner whose priority is to help me get healthy, fit and feel great about myslef- inside and out. Not to mention, her homemade brownies take delicious to a whole new level! Allison Caldwell

20 lbs weight loss after work injury. . .couldn't have done it without you! C. Durling

Program Fees

All clients receive an initial, FREE 30 minute, telephonic, electronic or SKYPE session.

The standard rate is $895 for a 4-week coaching program and includes:

A client may also sign up for a 3-month coaching program for $2,450 that includes all of the above plus 8 additional weekly coaching sessions.